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Make your projects grow
and your teams perform

Project management

A clear vision, shared objectives, a committing schedule, identified risks, effective monitoring, all this to prepare each member of your team to reach their top performance!

Let's succeed together! Whatever your projects or operations, we will provide you with sound advice and professional support at every stage.

We support industrial managers and project managers from all sectors to effectively facilitate the work of their teams.


Visit our site and find out how we can work together to increase your project's performance.

What is Supp-Projects ?

Supp-Projects is a consulting firm specializing in project and operations management.
It was developed by Delphine Falcoz, a consultant and trainer, certified by the Project Management Institute of which she is an active volunteer and member of the Chambre Professionelle du Conseil (professional council chamber) of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine. 

She relies on her international industrial experiences of more than 15 years to assist and support your company with its growth.

Our assistance and support 

Supp-Projects assists and supports you with the upstream of your projects, during its implementation but also after its delivery in order to stabilize the actions being carried out. All our interventions are personalized with you so that they meet your professional needs. We can intervene occasionally or regularly, remotely or at your establishment.

We will build a win-win relationship with concrete, measurable and lasting results : we adapt to your environnement and lead change management step by step, with you. 
The objective is to increase you and your teams skills in project management so that you remain independent after our intervention.

We know that leading projects can be difficult at times, so we do our best to help you quickly and efficiently. You will have a single partner. At Supp-Projects we commit to answering any queries or questions that you might have as soon as possible. If you would like to find out more about our consulting services and how they can help you, book an appointment today.


Customers and partners

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